Food Safety

Freshouse Foods operates within a custom 125,000 sq. foot facility in Bradford, Ontario. Freshouse is a federally registered meat processor, dedicated to producing safe, quality food products that meet or exceed customer expectations and all applicable regulatory government requirements. We ensure the safety and quality of our products by committing 100% to programs such as our HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) plan, SQF Program (Safe, Quality Food Program) and 3rd party audits on a yearly basis.

All products are manufactured in a government-approved, licensed and inspected facility with the highest level of health, safety and sanitation standards. Our personnel are provided with the necessary resources such as equipment, training and facilities to maintain this high-level standard in order to continually improve the food safety & quality management programs that our products are manufactured under.

In March 2017 Freshouse Foods received an “Excellent” rating in our annual SQF Level 2 audit.

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