Delicious Breakfast Solutions

It’s a brighter day thanks to sunshine and sausages!

Savour the delicious taste of our premium Breakfast Scramblers™ and protein filled Breakfast Hash.

Staying in hotels as a family, even with just one child, can be a challenge. Rooms are often quite small, and when you have a baby in a crib, even the most experienced ninja can wake the baby when and if he happens to get up at night. For this reason, we are always looking to stay in apartments or villas that offer a kitchen best places to eat in kauai and dining/living room area. This allows us to strategically place the crib out of earshot, saving money by using the kitchen and not always eating out. Kauai’s North Shore is home to Princeville’s luxury resorts (including a world-class golf course as well as some private residences), and that’s where you’ll find Makai Club Resort.

Try our sausage patties and links with the perfect blend of seasonings. Available in various sizes and proteins from Pork to Turkey. Try our Maple, Blueberry, Bacon and Cheddar profiles to shake things up a bit. Sausage links available in natural casing or skinless.

For the Bacon Lovers…

For over 60 years, we have pushed bacon forward. We were the first to smoke bacon with applewood in Canada. Then we smoked pecan wood and maple. In a world of automation, our artisans hand-rub bellies with a proprietary brine of seasonings. Because we don’t follow the bacon craze, we are just crazy enough to lead it. From a regular raw foodservice cut to fully cooked sandwich-ready, we make North America’s favourite food easy for our customers.